How to use All about Adverbs

All about Adverbs
All about Adverbs

How to use All about Adverbs

Adverbs modify other words apart from nouns and pronouns. For example:

He was driving.

He was driving dangerously. – here the adverb modifies driving and gives us more information about the action.

5 Types of Adverbs

These are the five types of adverbs:

Adverbs of Manner:
She sings beautifully.
We ran quickly.

Adverbs of Place:
Let’s go somewhere for lunch.
He threw the ball towards me.

Adverbs of Frequency:
I never wear yellow.
We play football once a week.

Adverbs of Time:
Can we talk about it later.
She was in London last year.

Adverbs of Purpose:
Since it is raining, I won’t go.
I study hard so that I will pass my tests.

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